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Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Your Advertisings Needs

Fashion Republik is an upcoming Malaysian E-Mag made for fun people, by fun people!

We feature a careful selection of articles regarding fashion, food, interesting news & gossip, movies, events, and well, everything interesting really! We also feature original content and articles written by our very own in-house writer.

And because there’s an endless source of new stuff to shout about every day, you can be sure of getting a daily dose of good stuff right at Fashion Republik!

Fashion Republik is segmented into 2 main advertising sections :

1. Main Panel – Featuring informative articles by a panel of experts on related matters concerning fashion & lifestyle.

2. Side Panel – Information and updates on the world of fashion and entertainment for the online community.

Why Fashion Republik??

Well the question really is (although a bit cliché), Why not?

Look at it from a readers’ point of view:
1. Easy to navigate layout to effectively search for topics of interest.
2. Articles on absolutely everything under the sun (hence our tagline)
3. Original content/reviews presented in an engaging manner and written by a contributor who is in fact a writer by profession.
4. Serves as a one stop portal to satisfy the online & offline shopaholic in you on a daily basis.
5. Vast experience and contacts made through consistent and long term interaction with the big names in the online shopping world.
6. Provides an effective channel for you to be exposed to items of interest being advertised.

If this has convinced the reader in you, then you can be quite sure that it’ll convince other readers as well. Which so happen to be the people you’re looking for.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and so does this statistic:
- Average unique readership of 523 a day, 1849 a week and total readership of 4819 a week and growing rapidly even having just started 23rd April 2009. *readership statistics as at 11th February 10 and will be updated as and when there's a change. Email us if you would like us to provide you with a chart visual.


Advertising Rates for Fashion Republik (rates per week)

Main Panel
1. Below Header (720x90) : RM40
2. Above Navigation Bar (450x200) : RM40 (450x60) : RM25
3. Advertorial as a post (per insertion) : RM15
(2-3 images and write up with no limit of words - posted highest for a day)

Side Panel
1. Main Column (400x200) : RM40 (400x60) : RM25
2. Sub Column (180x300) : RM30 (180x180) : RM20
(placement of advertisement will be arranged accordingly)

Special Request
Special arrangements on advertisements can be arranged. Do enquire within, and we will get back to you shortly on the arrangements and rates for the package. Email :

Note : Advertisers are entitled to a discount with a minimum of 1 month purchase. (Excluding purchases of Advertorial & Side Panel Sub Column size 180x180)

Materials for Submission
1. Submission Date : must be within mentioned dateline
2. Size of Advertisement : based on choice of advertisement placement
3. File Format : JPEG format
4. Advertorial : 2-3 image and write up (no limit)
Advertisement Availability
Main Panel
1. Below Header (720x90) : 1 slot available
2. Above Navigation Bar
- (450x200) : 1 slot
available (450x60) : next available slot 29/03
3. Advertorial as a post (per insertion) : available at all times

Side Panel
4. Main Column
- (400x200) :
1 slot available (400x60) : 2 slots available
5. Sub Column
- (180x300) :
available at all times (180x180) : available at all times

Terms & Conditions

All sales are final.
All Advertising spaces are available based on First Come First Serve basis.
Payment must be made 24hours after confirmation to secure your space.
If failed to do so, advertising space will be made available to the next interested advertiser.

We thank you for your interest!

Have a Nice Day
Best Regards
Fashion Republik

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Fitness First, Looks Later

Professionals and experts are constantly challenging the theory of being fit against being thin. For long term prospects fitness is by far the more useful of the two.

It is common knowledge that obesity is becoming a worldwide problem, but constant media hype only continues to heighten the problem.

Professor Paul Campos has a keen interest in the way people relate to the way their body looks, weight watching and how they themselves relate to their food intake. He has spoken in depth to four hundred people to glean important information in order to help him write his new book ‘The Obesity Myth: Why America’s Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health‘. Campos studied Law at Colorado University but is well versed with the medical world.

Americans have become consumed with educated panic, the more focus put upon weight loss the more frenzied they become. Rather than accept themselves and their bodies for what they are, anxieties are overtaking and becoming a focal point, thus causing mental anguish and instability.

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Belt Up by Cats Whiskers Malaysia

Just got it in our email.
Among the whole collection of their cool weekend bunch, we totally dig their belts.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Viper Unleashed

What gorgeous shoes are these!! They are so fierce and wild looking, baby!!
Matches skinnies like they belonged together, shorts to show off those sexy legs and mini skirts to make them go wild!!

Extremely hot, better get them before everyone else snatches them away.

thekookything - a variety of clothes collections and some of the finest shoes.

viper RM70

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Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi, Thailand

Emerge yourself into the senses of a spontaneous getaway from the city into the world of a luxurious peaceful retreat. Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi, a private owned island in Thailand offers a remarkable holiday experience.
A place perfect for a nice quiet romantic honeymoon. Where villas are built away from each other to allow privacy among guests. A personal butler & chef can be arranged to provide transport services around the island & indoor meals. Each villas has its unique design and atmosphere.
The perfect place for a quiet holiday.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Macaroni & Cheese. Yummy!!

This recipe was taken from

This flavorful version of macaroni and cheese is made on the stove-top and uses sharp cheddar cheese for full flavor. Add some cooked link sausage or ham to the pasta for a meal in a dish.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes

  • 2 cups macaroni pasta
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground mustard
  • 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
  • 8 ounces shredded extra-sharp Cheddar cheese

Cook macaroni pasta in a large pot of boiling water.

While macaroni is cooking, whisk together eggs, Tabasco sauce, ground mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. Set aside.

Drain the pasta, return to the hot pot, and immediately stir in the shredded Cheddar cheese along with the egg mixture. Continue to stir over medium heat until cheese is melted and eggs are cooked.

Yield: 4 to 6 servings

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Labour Day Countdown

People actually countdown to Labour's Day? Wow, any reason as long as its a party huh?
Well, if you really want to countdown for Labour's Day, do it in Genting. Not only its cooling and its cool to be up there (lol!!), you are way high up, higher than the rest of Kuala Lumpur. Spectacular view if there's fireworks in Klang Valley.

Plan well if you really wanna head up because we predict, there will be loads of vehicle going up, so go earlier to avoid sandwiching between crawling cars.

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Earn Your Own Studded Belt

There's always a reason to smile with pride when you've gotten yourself something you deserve, and lately, all the girls are dying to own at least ONE studded belt. Now we came across something even more spectacular. Getting a FREE studded belt, all for yourself and nobody else. But wait, there's always a catch!

Your Shopping Kaki has collaborated with The Chocolate Buttons on a contest that has started TWO HOURS AGO (dont continue reading this post already!! head on to their website!) and someone might be the lucky winner to walk away with a FREE custom made studded belt. Wohoo!!

Everything you need to know, Miss Your Shoppping Kaki has posted on her blog.

Head on over, will ya!!

Contest link at Your Shopping Kaki >>

All the best!!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Are Back

Something interesting we found. When we were younger, there was this dinosaur exhibition at Subang Jaya that we went to. There were Cotton Candies, Little Dinosaur miniatures, Rubber like Dinosaur statues, T-REX!! and a play area where we went on that bouncing thing. It was so fun that we wanted to go again the next day but daddy said " dont be silly. once is enough".

This caught our eyes.

Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Are Back

Sun Apr 19 – Sun May 17
Mid Valley Convention Centre
Exhibition of 11 dinosaur and 25 insect structures from Denmark at Mid Valley Megamall
Entry Fees: RM12 (Adult), RM8 (Children/Student)

Have fun!!

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Art of Healing By Dr Amir Farid Isahak

We believe that this topic can be related to young adults. Quite an article by Dr Amir Farid Isahak. Take your time to read it if you've not.

This article was taken from

Losing that excess weight is not nearly as impossible as you think ... you just need the right tools and knowledge.

OBESITY is becoming the plague of modern society, as affluence, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles become the norm. With it come the chronic lifestyle diseases – hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers and other degenerative health problems.

Taking the US as the leading example of such a society, we find that the proportion of overweight adults had increased from 45% (1960) to 70% (2005). One third of these were classified as obese (moderate to severe overweight with increased health risks; with the real problem being excess body fat).

Malaysians are only slightly better off, but are also heading the same way, because we also indulge in fast foods and poor diets, and most hardly exercise. Nearly 40% of adult Malaysians are overweight, including about 10% or more who are obese.

A study done among schoolchildren (six to 17 years) in Kuala Lumpur in 1997 reported that about 10% were overweight, while about 4% were obese. I believe that more than 10 years later, with a higher standard of living, the situation is worse.

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An Angel's Story Contest by Soak Republic

We came across this contest on Soak Republic's site and we thought itd be great for us to let you know. Definitely not your usual answer questions, win a prize contest. This is what you are required to do :-

1.Write a story about angel, send the entry to
2.The author define the angel in the story, it may be about your family or someone special, etc.
3.Be creative, it can be a full text story or a picture story, do not limit yourself - the sky is the limit
4.Every week, we will select The Most Touching Story and we will send out an angel wing ring to the lucky person.
5.On the last week we will post up all the selected stories for public to vote for the most touching story. public can placetheir votes at soak republic’s website. (poll will be placed @
6.Grand winner will get a customization / creative DIY charm bracelet / necklace workshop in person.
7.1st winner will be announced on 9th May.

and what gorgeous rings these are

Good Luck!!

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Happy National Doughnut Day??

On the way out from home, we actually heard that today's National Doughnut Day from But hey, when we googled about National Doughnut Day, it seems that it is supposedly first friday of June but we are still in April. So we kinda got confused. Is today National Doughnut Day or what? We want free Doughnuts!!

Feel like getting some Doughnuts?
Go get your favourite flava from these Doughnut shops then.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee -

J.CO Donuts & Coffee -

Donut Empire, originally from Singapore, can be found in Plaza OUG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Anyways, HAPPY NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY, if its true!

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Sale at Cats Whiskers Malaysia

Did you already know about this? Well, we were told.
Cats Whiskers is having their major Markdown Sale up to 70%.
That means, shopping, baby!!

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Stone Wash Gorgeous!

We are soooooo In Lurve!!

What great pair of skinnies are these. Totally gorgeous and basically goes with everything!! Definitely something to be in your cupboard. We know we are getting them for sure..

Miss OCD - we totally muacks you for bring them in. they are lovely!

stone wash skinnies RM44

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Cupcakes in Town

Craving for cupcakes this very moment? No biggie, just drive to your nearest cupcake store and purchase them off the shelves, freshly baked, oh so delicious cupcakes!!

We are cupcake lovers and we know how sometimes it just hits us to have a taste of that sweet thing in your mouth. The thought of it just makes us .. squirm on our seats .. ohh yummylicious!!

AND, thanks to our advance technology today.. we dont need to drive all the way, all we need is a computer, internet access and an online cupcake store for us to make our purchase and have those little cupcakes delivered to your home. How nice!!

Local Stores (they do online too!!) we found

Cuppacakes by Wondermilk & Damansara Uptown -

Cupcake Chic @ The Curve -

found more of them cupcakes people? share with us!!

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Aneroxia of Ageing by Mary Easaw-John

We were browsing through The Star today and we came across a topic which made one of us remember what it was like, to have someone close to us, suffering from Aneroxia.

This article was taken from

There are many nutritional issues that we need to be aware of when we take care of our elderly.

IT is important to eat a well-balanced diet not only when we are younger, but also when we age. However, as we age the phenomenon known as “anorexia of ageing” takes place. With advancing years, a person’s body starts to ignore normal food cues and altered feeding fads become apparent. Examples of these are eating infrequently, consuming more sweets or not eating enough vegetables, and not drinking enough fluids.

All these changes are often not well understood by the elderly, their caregivers or even their physicians and dietitians.

continue reading >>

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Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life

This is one blog we've been following every single time she updates. As we've mentioned on our previous post, keeping it plain and simple, is the real deal! Karen's blog is so neat, so fresh and happy looking. Her pictures are uploaded as if she took them and trimmed them herself, which is really interesting.

She blogs mainly on her life with her husband, 2 kids and her newborn baby (congrats girl!). Nothing really out of the ordinary but the way she writes, really captures her readers. Id say, this is a recommended blog that females should follow, even males! We learn something new every time we read her blog.

About Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life
taken from her site

Snippets of Life is a website about women’s lifestyle, fashion and living a balanced and fulfilling life. It also covers topics on family, parenting, children, food, art, design, photography, and online shopping.

more blogs you would like to share that you find interesting? tell us!!

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The Best Photo

We truly believe that everyone in life should make things plain and simple. When things are plain and simple, there will be no war, no fights, no complications, just plain nothing-out-of-the-ordinary life.

Ok, not that plain! what we are trying to say is that for a picture to stand out, its really not necessary to focus much on the background or add ons that you include to make your photo look complete. All you need is a white background, and the object or person that you want to take a photo of.

Why plain white background? Because anything in front of something white, no matter grey, silver or something light, will stand out from the white and it does not only makes your picture outstanding, the whole picture carries a clean and fresh look that people would love to lay their eyes on. On top of that, it seriously draws the attention to the object that you are taking of. Isnt that what everybody wants to achieve? Straight to the point, nothing else.

We came across No Plain Days, an online boutique. It hit us that their pictures are so fresh looking, so fun and gentle, yet it spells out what they are trying to sell. We really love the way they took them, real candid. Way to go girls!!

mcqueen strapless dress RM50

photos you want to share? taking photography as a hobby? write to us!! we would love to hear your story too!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion Picks

Yay, our first post on fashion picks. So adore some of their artsy looks.

Honestly speaking, we really admire some of the attire pulled together by bunch of college students. Its really interesting that fashion is a BIG word. No matter what we look like, its all down to our personality to pull of a fashion. If you are a very confident person, we'd say your style is LOUD. Bright bold colours, totally yummy! Now here, we found a couple of interesting and unusual (not an everyday thing) from some of our listed online boutiques.

Soak Republic - they carry some of the most unique designs for our daily accessories.

everblooming RM23

hippy punky RM65

Clothes For Fun - very interesting fun filled basics they have.

owl RM38

lady bug RM45

Dorfbury - interesting way of taking their pieces, best if modeled though

zipper zoey RM52

Oh Popsicles! - vintage plus mod!! awesome!!

semi vested bond RM39

Miss OCD - they have the loudest collections we've came across.

rarara RM36

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