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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Famed Fashion Photographer Patrick McMullan for pingg

Just in time for Fashion Week, pingg, the style and design-focused invitation, ecard and event management company has joined forces with world renowned fashion, society and nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan, and today launched a collection of 30 fashion-themed online invitations and ecards.

The collection provides an all-access pass through Patrick McMullan’s skilled lens. From bustling backstage hair and makeup chairs, to photographers assembled at the end of runway, images capture the beauty and chaos that happens inside that Tents at Bryant Park, a.k.a Fashion Week.

This exclusive collection is another great addition to the pingg Designer Series - a curated gallery of original artwork from a select group of independent artists. The integration of style and functionality has always been the driving force behind pingg, and Patrick's collection brings an added element of style and design to the world of online invitations. Patrick's collection is featured among talented artists such as revolutionary graffiti artist Erni Vales and famed New York based photographer Ben Watts, brother of Naomi Watts.

For more information about pingg and Patrick McMullan visit Check out some of our favorites below.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

My heart is all broken reading about dogs on Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better. Dogs being physically and mentally abused by their owners and random strangers. Dogs being thrown out to an Island to fend for their lives. Strays which didn't survive because rescue was too late. It is heart wrenching to know that we are more than a million in Malaysia and there's only 5% of us who are dedicating our hearts to be the voice and support for these animals who cant speak for themselves.

As I was reading the articles on MDDB, it is so unbelievable that humans can be so cruel to a certain extend. Being in the working world myself, I have encountered numerous people who tend to take advantage of any given situation, even if it means breaking the law, in order to be richer or a step up from where they used to be. We might not realise it but we are no better than the carnivorous animals in the jungle which feed on their own kind in order to survive. What a world we are born into.

Here, organizations such as MDDB (Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better), PAWS Malaysia and SPCA Malaysia are trying so hard to speak and protect our human companions and on the other hand, there are more of us trying to get rid of these animals because they are like pests to certain people. My heart is all out for the people who are trying to reach the world by making a point that humans have no rights to take animals for granted or to abuse them just because they have no home. They have feelings too and we don't get to feel it because they cant speak our language.

Dogs and other animals deserve to be loved. If you have a blog or some other way you can spread an awareness such as this, please do help to do so. I hope that Malaysians will open their eyes and be ONE, as all the media are bragging about, to help each other create a better world for us to live in.

This weekend Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better will be at Trift & Green Bazaar by A Shopaholic's Den located at 32 Square. Be there to support them!

by the committee of Fashion Republik

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Studded Exclusive

We found something extremely sexy and exclusive at White Label Closet. A one piece studded jumpsuit. Definitely flattering to the body, scrunched waistline with the perfect amount of room for comfort. Oh soooo DAMN stunning!!

stunning jump RM69

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Closet Confidence by Cats Whiskers Malaysia

We were blown away by Cats Whiskers Closet Confidence collection. Out of the bunch, we picked their mix and match of midnight blue and silver. Extremely gorgeous, and they are all suitable for work and after work drinks. Our favourite is their first droop collared dress. Lovely!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LOMO AQUA PIX Waterproof Camera

When you are on your vacation or sightseeing, you will always wish to have an advance Digital Camera, a DSLR, etc… But try to think about it, have you miss out the fun of the vacation? Are you still remember the original intention of snapping a photo? Squeeze everything in, just for a record; but to let a photo to “speak with emotions”, we have to talk about it.

The original “LOMO” means a kind or camera which is available 20 century the fifties, it is keen to Red, Blue and Yellow colour. Nowadays, “LOMO” means a kind or attitude when you take a picture, just click and snap. Don't think about the aperture, shutter and don't even mind the angle or the composition of a picture. Although the picture that you take is over exposure or blur, if it can attract your eyeball, it’s mean a successful picture.

LOMO AQUA PIX Waterproof Camera, a diving camera that can "dive" in to 3 meters!!!!! Just for RM69 per unit ONLY!!!!!!

for more, visit

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

La'Belle Closet

click image for more goodies!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

guess who's back?

Clothes For Fun!!

After a notable absence from the online shopping scene, Clothes For Fun have made their return with a handful of colourful numbers that will definitely make your day that little bit more fun!

One of our favourites has to be this lovely dress featuring tiny little gathers at the bottom. What we love about it is its versatility for different ocassions. Pair it off with a cardigan for work or simply throw this cute babydoll dress on all by itself...your choice!

kirten RM40

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Fashion Republik on I.M Magazine

First published May 09, I.M is a sort of lifestyle magazine that focuses on Malaysian individuality and features articles contributed by Malaysians looking to express themselves and share stuff with their fellow people.

Fashion Republik were among the contributors in this month's (August) issue of I.M Magazine, which so happens to be their 4th issue. Our contribution was a review on Il Tempio, a fine dining Italian restaurant. If it looks and sounds familiar to you, it's because it was featured on fashion republik not long ago as well, albeit in a slightly different writing style!

I.M will be having their offical launch this coming 21st August 09, Friday at Bar Celona Sunway Pyramid.
There will be freebies, fashion show, DJs spinning and not to forget, FREE Booze!

Be sure to log onto to register yourself as it is by invitation only.

Once again, we would like to Thank I.M for giving us a chance to be part of something awesome. Keep up the great work!

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Bloggers Night Out by Lust Magazine

Calling all Bloggers!!

This Friday, the 14th of August 09, Lust Magazine will be holding a Bloggers Night Out event at Envy Club located at Solaris Mont Kiara and they are inviting BLOGGERS from all corners of earth to come join them for this event, a preview night to Lust Magazine and 1 Model Search. They will be giving out Goodie Bags for the first 100 bloggers to arrive (don't be late!) and just to tease your eyes a little, they'll be having a fashion show and an appearance by a very, very cute make up consultation will be revealed on that day! ;)

For further info, do contact Christine Lew from Lust Magazine at 012-348 9879.
ps : RSVP yourself.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Floral Spring Dress by Jazzabelle

floral spring dress RM40

This is such a lovely spring dress! We were just looking through for some updated fashion items when we came across this lovely chiffon dress from Jazzabelle! Love love the colour combination of the dress and how flattering it looks worn. Definitely suitable for every ocassion. We'd say that this is a very worthy buy!

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Lah'Lah'Land Boutique & Salon

You've heard it right. From being a vintage online boutique to a flea market organiser, now they made their way to owning a boutique cum salon located at SS15, Subang Jaya.

We would like to congratulate Lah'Lah'Land team for making it bigger and wider in this ever growing shopping industry.

Dont forget to join them during their grand launch of their boutique & salon on the 15th of August which is this Saturday at 39, 2nd floor, Jalan ss15/4, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor from 11am to 9pm.

For further info, you can log on to their site :


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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Review of The Proposal

A brief intro:
The Proposal is a romantic comedy directed by Anne Fletcher and was officially released on June 18, 2009 by Touchstone Pictures. However, the film reached Malaysian theatres much later that its original release date.

The Proposal brings together Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (who have worked together on a number of films before) as the 2 leading characters in the film.
Sandra Bullock plays Margaret Tate, a Chief Editor at a book company who is soon to be deported to Canada for a year. As a means of avoiding her fate, she spontaneously lies to the company’s management about her coming faux-marriage to assistant Andrew Paxton.

Ryan Reynolds plays Andrew Paxton, the hard-working, kind-hearted, assistant who is forced into the marriage scam created by his boss. He is initially reluctant, but soon takes advantage of the situation for his own career advancement.

The film then revolves around the many consequences of their actions, how Margaret Tate is forced to follow her faux fiancĂ© back to his hometown of Sitka, Alaska, slowly realizes her actions after meeting Andrew Paxton’s family and how inevitably, they end up falling in love.

What we liked…
The on-screen chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock is definitely one of the better partnerships in recent times. Not to mention the fact that The Proposal represents Sandra Bullock’s first number 1 movie in 10 years and marked her biggest opening weekend. Not bad for a simple romantic comedy.

The humorous sequences are portrayed remarkably well by Reynold’s signature comical expressions and Bullock’s sophisticated yet funny mannerisms. And you do also get a glimpse of Ryan Reynold’s and Sandra Bullock’s “physiques” in very funny fashion.

The way the 2 lead characters’ relationships develop throughout the show is also portrayed well and is one that can definitely be related to.

What we didn’t like too much…
The romantic element of the film, although existent, was just slightly insufficient to create that sense of “falling in love” for us. In a way, it felt more like a “comedy that was romantic”, than a “romantic comedy”.

Apart from that, there really isn’t much that you can fault the movie for.

If “What Happens in Vegas” is your cup of tea, then The Proposal will most definitely be one as well. It may not be as emotionally involving as say “P.S I love you”, but it is still more than worth watching.

So don’t miss out on it, and in case you do, be sure to get a DVD.

Our rating.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Shopaholic's Den v2.0

Although it has been a month plus, we would like to congratulate A Shopaholic's Den for launching their v2.0 on the 25th of July 09. We couldnt make it for their launch and we definitely missed out on some awesome shopping at 3 Two Square.

A Shopaholic's Den dot com is now fully operational and it is looking exceptionally great. With more topics on Fashion, compared to the previous one, the owner of ASD, Yien Yee sure did put great effort into making A Shopaholic's Den v2.0 a success for all her readers.

Therefore, we would like to say "Congratulations, ASD!!"

psst: they have some awesome august 09 giveaways..check it out!

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