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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

KLue Urbanscapes Report

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably won’t know what KLue is.

But if you’re a true urbanite then you probably know what KLue is all about…You may or may not have visited their website and noticed how awesome their content is… there’s also a good chance you’d have heard or attended KLue’s massive Urbanscapes event held last year, an event that promotes urban creativity and individuality…You also probably would’ve been at KLPAC more recently (27 - 28/6/2009 to be exact) for this year’s edition of Urbanscapes. And what an event it was…

We’ve been to our fair share of events, bazaars, music fests, arts exhibitions, carnivals etc. in recent years that let’s just say, “didn’t live up to the hype” or rather didn’t have any hype at all.

But the Urbanscapes 2009 incorporated ALL of the above, and as with the preceding year, made it a major success.

This year’s Urbanscapes was made up of 9 major “areas”:

1) The X Lawn – A showcase of acts that included Pop Shuvit, Yuna, Telebury, Pesawat, Gerhana Ska Cinta and many others voted by Xfresh listeners.

2) The Box – An intimate acoustic performance setup with open mic sessions and other up and comin artistes.

3) The Cinescapes Stage – Stage plays, film screenings and musical performances in an indoor stage.

4) The Sunset Disco – The Sunset disco features performers from the wknd showcase incorporating Malaysian independent musicians. Twilight Action Girl among one of the few performers.

5) Exhibitions – Titled Urbanscraps, the exhibition featured works from various Malaysian art gurus.

6) Indicine – True to the pun in its name, Indicine (Independent Cinema we think) featured screening of short films from various filmmakers.

7) Street Performances – An outdoor setting featuring a host of theatre and music groups

8) TiC Zone – Tongue in Chic Zone. The name says it all. Unique clothes, accessories and much more from vendors selected by Tongue in Chic.

9) X Marketplace – Loads of vendors selling all sorts of stuff in themed sections.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time and only managed to get sneak peeks of the different highlights of the day. We did however, spend most of our time at the X Marketplace and the Tongue in Chic area.

Our own personal highlights of the day?

- The crowd
- The music
- The creative displays by the vendors at the marketplace
- The very well laid out exhibition areas
- A superb Lamb Hot Dog
- The many friends we met there

Our review is in no way comprehensive enough, because calling the event a total success would probably be a slight understatement. Even Mother Nature decided to call off the rain when dark clouds started looming (However the heat earlier in the day was relentless). The jam going into the event area itself was an indication of how “happening” it actually was, and just being there actually made us feel “happening”!

So a big thumbs up and congratulations to KLue for pulling off Urbanscapes yet again this year!

They set the bar last year, and raised it a whole lot this time round.

by the committee of Fashion Republik

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Life in Monochrome : Orange

It seems like only yesterday that we cooked up the idea of Life In Monochrome, and here we are presenting you with a 2nd round of fresh picks for your viewing pleasure! And speaking of fresh, the sound of a fresh orange juice sounds very tempting now for some reason, and speaking of oranges... Guess what! The colour ORANGE is our colour of the month this June 2009!

*you may tag the cover of our June 09's issue on your blog!

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in this month's segment! As fabulous as all the entries were, and as challenging as the selection process was, we had to narrow it down to these selected few!


Live your life in Orange!!

A Lil of Everything is an online boutique that introduced itself not long ago and offers not only clothing, but a variety of other cool stuff like contact lenses, fragrances, cosmetics, lingerie and much more. They've made it to this months edition of Life In Monochrome with a bohemian top that we found really appealing in a hippie sort of way and it's also very affordable at only RM15 a piece! (That's an absolute bargain!)

Our 2nd entry of the month is a little something called Beanipet who made it here thanks to their absolutely unique, cheek-squeezingly adorable selection of handmade pillows. One of our favourite pillow characters is Mojo who so happens to be made in Orange! Making him an ideal candidate to be featured in this months Life In Monochrome segment. The picture below is of Mojo Angry who can be yours at RM160. Considering that Beanipets' pillows are skilfully handmade and are therefore very exclusive items, you can be sure that the price tag is definitely justified!

The home of Fab'louz Boutique, which are our next contributor, is situated near Burger King in SS15, Subang Jaya. They carry a wide variety of stylish selections that cater to the younger working adults. We absolutely love this piece they call Slice and Dice because of its body flattering lines created by its V-neck and overlapping layers which provide a nice shaping effect to the bust area. All for a very affordable RM49.90!

The Bangsar based Gossips Boutique have always stayed up to date by frequently featuring irresistable items on their hangers. We totally love this Orange top as seen in the picture below, specifically because of the smock area which flares its lower portion and the addition of a pussy bow to top it off. Simply called the "Ribbon Sleeveless", these are up for sale at RM65.

ilovesnackfood are reasonably new players in the ever expanding blogshop game and bring a host of rather kitsch items to the table. Even their name is unconventionally catchy and fun - We totally "DIG IT!". There's nothing like a nice pair of flatties to compliment an outfit for a casual day out and these flatties from ilovesnackfood, with their awesome mix of colours and lines, are absolute gems. Interestingly named Flatties Strike Back, these could be yours at a cool RM53!

Itsy Beadsy tease their way into this months segment with their very sweet Candy Swirl earring studs. If you ever felt like hypnotizing someone with something, do it with these pair of earrings at RM5 a pair!

"Jiju's Cakes to Share" are serving us CUPCAKES for us to snack on this month. Jiju didn't manage to make it for our previous months segment but here she is, sharing these delicious orange cupcakes with us for only RM35/dozen!

JPBeads stand out from the rest with their complete range of handmade masterpieces. Our pick from their exquisite collection is the Faery Leaves Lariat that features grade AAA+ Agate Gemstone teardrop beads, Swarovski Crystals and silver plated wires... priced at RM60.

Kimono's were a sought after item in the online industry not long ago, and although it now shares the limelight with so many other styles, it still remains a favourite to us and we believe to alot of you shoppers too. Not only do kimonos flatter the body, they're also one of the comfiest pieces of clothing ever. Offering you a striped orange kimono which actually reminds us of a cup of cappucino, Kimono Boutique presents you their Dynasty Kimono at only RM40.

Kookify your wardrobe with the Kooky Eighties orange blocked dress, Candy Stripes at RM35. Adorably sweet, this dress is definitely an ideal piece for a casual day out. Pick a cropped jacket and you might find yourself looking good enough for the office as well!

We stumbled upon Mieu Boutique at Desa Sri Hartamas. They are a new member of the local fashion scene and we would like to extend our very own welcome by having them in this month's segment with this dress we saw while looking through their collections online: A simple orange and white tie-dyed piece that would be well suited for a stroll along the beach.

More More Clothes presents a Sexy top with crochet details at the front for ONLY RM36! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this at such an affordable price and because this is the last piece on their site, you better hurry if you want to get your hands on it!

What an unusual pattern for a halter dress. Because of its contrasting change in pattern, you could be forgiven to think that it's a 2 piece, but it's not! The very extrovert design seen here comes together pretty well and forms a really beautiful halter dress. Brought to you by PrettyEverAfter at only RM48 and cutely titled Berry Stripey.

Smashing Pit Stop wraps up our segment for the month with their hot vintage sunglasses. Extremely sexy for a bright sunny day, and to just accessorize an outfit with! Get your piece of Mars for RM28.

Want to be part of next month's "Life in Monochrome" issue? Email us to be included in our our mailing list!!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

It is SUMMER all year long at Summeracres!

In Summeracres, we handpicked everything ourself. We tried to provide the bestest service and quality to all our customers. We understand the busy life our customers have and that is why our website is simple to browse through, yet full information and step-by-step guide is provided. Thus the newly revamped website which we migrated to Dot Com came alive!

You can find all sorts of clothing and accessories from our shelves at an irresistibly affordable reasonable price. Besides that, we have just launched our baby project recently which focuses more on the inner beauty and sexiness of you. A lil something which everyone loves….LINGERIE!

Hesitate no more & visit us today even just for a chit chat. There’s always something for everyone at Summeracres. Let’s enjoy a summery shopping experience at!

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Le Tresor Galleria at The Curve Mutiara Damansara

Here’s something interesting we found over the weekend. Relatively hidden in a corner at The Curve is a mini-bazaar-like tenant opened by Le Tresor Galleria.

Apparently, the Le Tresor Galleria group is an established bazaar host and has organized countless bazaars in and around the city. Unfortunately for us, we haven’t really heard or noticed them before.

Their outlet at The Curve is pretty nicely set up and features a very nice premium bazaar-like feel which contrary to their French inspired name, feels a tad Middle Eastern.

Within their compounds are some rather interesting tenants offering an even more interesting variety of items from decorations, clothes, beachwear, and more. Although not really in large quantities, the variety is sufficiently diverse to make for an interesting visit.

We’re not sure how many times their tenants change or whether they even change or not but it’s definitely worth dropping by if you’re within the vicinity.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Closet clean out: Get your clothes in shape for summer

The average closet offers a not-so-roomy 5-foot by 2-foot amount of space. And for average people, that is not a whole lot of room to work with when it comes to storing all their clothes, shoes and accessories.

Given changing fashion trends and seasons, closets can be some of the most cluttered spaces in the home. Summer is the ideal time to get yours clean, organized and ready for the season.

"The goal of an organized closet should center on the ability to open the door and, in one quick look, see everything you own," says Katie Baker Jones, fashion merchandising instructor at The Art Institutes International - Kansas City. "This makes that crucial decision of what to wear immensely easier."

"Fashion is meant to change, so embrace it," she adds.

Baker Jones advises getting rid of any articles of clothing that haven't been worn in the past year. One option for letting go is to donate your clothes to local charities like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. If clothes are fairly aged, another option to consider is donating them to a college. Some colleges collect clothing pieces from past decades for fashion students to study and gain insight on fashion trends.

Another tip: if you are still using wire hangers, use plastic ones instead, as they are better for your clothes. Baker Jones explains that the soft curves of plastic hangers "ensure better draping of your garments." Using plastic hangers also gives your clothes some room to breathe, thus reducing wrinkles and making your garments easier to find.

Tired at the end of a long day? While flipping your shoes off may seem like the most convenient thing to do, don't. "Adding a shoe rack to a door or the floor of a closet is another cheap way to utilize closet space while at the same time protecting your shoe investment," says Baker Jones. You can find shoe organizers for as little as $9 at discount stores.

Once you've gone through your closet, gotten rid of unnecessary items and parted with your less than "in-style" pieces, it's time to pack some of your winter clothes away. For short-term storage, plastic containers will do. "If you keep them in a relatively cool and dry location throughout the summer months, they should welcome you back in the wintertime unharmed," says Baker Jones.

However, in some instances, you may want to consider leaving certain garments in your closet. "Never sprinkle moth balls directly into a box of unprotected clothing or allow textiles to come in direct contact with untreated wood. If you have the space, just keep your wool garments in your closet, but rotate them to the back," says Baker Jones. "Furs should never be stored in the house. The investment of professional, cold storage is well worth it."

One last thing before you start your closet makeover: avoid using chemicals when cleaning out any closet. Baker Jones says that any chemical you use has the potential to get on your clothing and either damage the textile or irritate your skin.

By following these simple guidelines, cleaning out your closet will be as easy as a summer breeze. Soon you'll be on your way to expanding your closet's potential and protecting your wardrobe at the same time.

Now, how messy is your wardrobe? Email us some pictures!!

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Total Opposites by Shopaholics Unite

Noon News!!!!! Shopaholics Unite have just updated us of their brand new dresses not long ago and we love them so much because they are quirky and cool!!

Divine Frilled Sleeves Chiffon Dress RM47

With sleeves like an angel's wings, this dress is downright gorgeous. So happened we were looking for a white dress for a church occasion sometime around July and when we saw this, we knew that this would be the perfect dress for us.

Cut Off Top One Piece Mini RM45

Now this isn't something we usually see. Printed star details on a crop piece at the top, followed by a plain coloured dress on the inside, totally spells out fun. Something to spice up your day. Pick the one in mustard yellow, if you dare!

Skeletor T Shirt Tank Dress RM45

Bring out the rocker in you with this unique piece. Definitely the perfect piece if you wish to attend one of our local rock concerts happening in town. Either that or, you could shock your colleagues and bosses by showing up in this funky naughty dress. ps : if you really do, please be reminded to at least bring along a jacket. just in know!

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Our Legendary Pop King

There was once a time when everyone went crazy over the man in black who could do moon walks, who sings from the heart, who has made the whole world cried out with love. Today, we were shocked to receive the news that Michael Jackson, our pop king idol, passed away at 5am this morning when he collapsed at his own home around 4am, Malaysian timing. He was then brought to UCLA and was pronounced dead an hour later. We were experiencing an extreme mix feelings of pain and sadness.

Michael Jackson, has done nothing but good (Child molestation accusations aside) to his people and the rest of the world. He was the one who has spoken to the world that every dream is made possible to happen. He showed us a new way of living life in the world of music. Till today, many newborn artistes are following in his footsteps to succeed and he was once, and we believe, still is an idol for most people around the world.

We speak from the bottom of our hearts, dear Michael Jackson remains as our idol and although he is no longer with the world, the world is still with him. Rest in peace, M.Jackson.

by the committee of Fashion Republik

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It’s Gonna Be Awesome!

It’s Gonna Be Awesome!
Dates: 4th July (Saturday) & 5th July (Sunday)
Time: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Venue: Subang Square Shopping Gallery, SS15 Subang Jaya

It's gonna be an awesome bazaar because...
There will be over 50 vendors, selling everything under the sun. Something for everyone, and definitely a weekend to look forward to. What's on the list?

i) Men & Women Clothing
ii) Funky statement t-shirts
iii) Handbags
iv) Shoes
v) Jewelries
vi) Books
vii) Pet Clothing
viii) Swimwear
ix) Tupperware
x) Housewares
xi) Cupcakes, Cake & Cookies
xii) Art & Craft
xiii) Pixel Art
xiv) Wall Stickers
xv) Souvenirs
xvi) Caricature Artist
xvii) Indie Artist Albums
xviii) and even CARS!

Project OMG! (Open Mic Gig), is specially preparing variety of acts, just to keep us entertained whilst shopping. They'll be putting together a PLUG + PLAY special on both these days. They're stripping down and going unplugged, busker-style! So come on over, to check out our musicians, poets and even stand up comedians doing their routine throughout the event.

As we mentioned previously, oh yes, we are SELLING CARS! Brand spanking new, moving cars with engines! Something for the dudes, who usually dreads going for events such as these. We're displaying a few cars on the day of the event, so if you're looking for a new ride to go with your new bag, this is definitely the place to be.

Ample parking all around Subang Square Shopping Gallery. 3 Basement Parking Bays beneath Subang Square going at an hourly rate, only on Saturday. But basement parking is FREE on Sunday! FREE parking bays are aplenty surrounding Subang Square. It isn't very congested during weekends in any case.

This bazaar aims to bring the lively community of the suburban SUBANG JAYA together, through shopping and entertainment. So come with your family, friends, loved ones or even your pets, for a fun and exciting weekend of awesome possum fun!

For more details regarding the bazaar, do visit Awesome Possum Bazaar @

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Be Bold & Beautiful by Cats Whiskers Malaysia

Make a statement with Cats Whiskers' latest collection of necklaces, made available from today onwards. Our personal favourite is the OWL necklace. We absolutely adore anything that has got to do with Owls because for some reason, wearing an oversized gold plated owl necklace is just so damn funky, and this is an exact replica of the one we saw selling at Diva's in Midvalley.

Next in line would be the sparrow-leaf-heart necklace. What a remarkable combination of those three designs on a single necklace. Perfect for any bohemian outfit, or any simple plain baby doll dress.

Lastly would be the worm-being-tied necklace. (not sure how else to describe it LOL). It is such an unusually cool piece, and the colour combination goes well together.

Everything within a single store. Which of the necklaces will you choose if you were to get them?

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The Malaysian Donut War

Malaysia has seen a recent surge of activity in the “War of the Donuts” that sparked within the space of a few years ago.

The global Dunkin Donuts empire has been around for a long time and is to a certain extent, the pioneer who introduced this claimed American-born craze to Malaysia which for years was the leader in a pack of none, ahead of some non-existent competition, and although the quality of their donuts seemed to deteriorate in time, there were no rivals to worry about. Well not until recently that is.

This ring-shaped-dough royal rumble sees the likes of J.Co Donuts, Big Apple Donuts and Dunkin Donuts slug it out with minnows like Donut Empire (Of Singaporean origins) and the giant donut force that is Krispy Kreme which recently made its giant footprint in Malaysia.

But among these names, which one is the best? Well here’s what we think.

Dunkin Donuts

As mentioned earlier, they were the ones responsible for it all. Without them, Malaysia probably wouldn’t have been introduced to the commercial donuts the Dunkin way. They had outlets almost everywhere in Malaysia, serving freshly baked Donuts to impatient Donuteers. (we created that word ourselves). Unfortunately, as years went by, their quality took a turn for the worse as their donuts started becoming stale, dry, tasteless and soon after, only a handful of Dunkin Donut faithfuls were left. But to their credit, they’ve revamped, stuck with their guns, offered more than just Donuts and slightly regained their fame. Unfortunately for them though, the donut world was soon to be taken by storm by a host of rivals.

J.Co Donuts

Not many people know this (because not many bother to find out), but J.Co Donuts are of Indonesian origin and were formed in 2005. They were responsible for the resurgence of the donut craze in Malaysia which seemed to be dwindling at a time where Dunkin Donuts Malaysia no longer made the same great tasting donuts it once did. Their presence was accepted extremely well by the public with queues outside J.Co outlets stretching as far as the eye could see, all waiting to get their hands on some revolutionarily good tasting donuts.

The variations offered were unlike anything the public had associated with Donuts before.

Among some of the highlights were the JCrown Oreo (Oreo coated Donut), Da Vin Cheez (Cheesed-up donut with garlic sprinkles…our personal favourite), Coco Loco (Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate) and the Why Nut (White chocolate topped, peanut butter filled).

Their Donuts offered an unfamiliar yet fabulous texture that arguably made it the best-textured donuts of the lot. Also, their variations were original creations and consistently tasted good.

Big Apple Donuts

Did you know that although the Big Apple is another term for New York, which is in America, Big Apple donuts are a Malaysian born Donumenon (Donut Phenomenon)!

You’d be forgiven to confuse Big Apple and J.Co’s Donuts as they are really, really similar in every sense. So much so that there was a legal case between the 2 companies, of which Big Apple were accused of somewhat “copying” J.Co’s concept. How that turned out we’re not too sure.

Anyway, Big Apple Donuts cashed in on the revitalized Donut craze caused by J.Co Donuts and immediately became a direct competitor in terms of pricing and variety, and they were doing a pretty good job… So good a job that there was very little to choose between the two. Even their donut naming incorporated the same pun names made famous my J.Co’s!
However, for us, we feel J.Co has the edge in this duel for their originality and also because their Donuts do taste that wee-bit better.

Krispy Kreme

The World Famous U.S based Krispy Kreme Donuts. Its American origin offers enough credibility to make it commercially successful worldwide and there’s no doubt that their Glazed Donuts are arguably the best in the world. Their consistent quality stretches all the way to Hong Kong, where they taste just as good as they do in the US and recently, they’ve hopefully carried their reputation along with them to Malaysian shopping malls (At the moment it’s just Midvalley and Times Square).

Krispy Kreme donuts are of a totally different variety than that of our 2 earlier mentioned competitors. Unfortunately for us, we’ve tried them, and they really don’t seem to live up to the hype that was created by word of mouth prior to their arrival. Their glazed donuts are still good, but are on the verge of being diabetic. The rest of their selections look dull and well, don’t taste all that good. They can only hope that their signature glazed donuts save their reputation here because honestly, their others won’t.

Donut Empire

The Singaporean based Donut Empire remains relatively unknown to Malaysians and there isn’t much to be said about them. They seem to want to do what Big Apple did to J.Co’s, which is simply providing another option of an already successful concept to consumers, albeit in a slightly different packaging and name. Unfortunately, their prices match that of their competitors, but their Donuts don’t.

The verdict?
Well we’re going to have to give it up for J.Co’s Donuts for simply making great tasting donuts and for starting the donut revolution. The mighty Krispy Kreme could’ve proven a worthy opponent if not for it’s poor showing. However, much respect has to be given to Dunkin Donuts for being the “pioneer”, and for continuing to survive up till today.

So much for Donuts, and we’re sure there will be those who agree and disagree with out verdict…

Perhaps we’ll take a look at the Malaysian Burger War next time round =)

by the committee of Fashion Republik

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