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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life in Monochrome : Purple

Life in Monochrome basically means "Life in just One Colour". Fashion Republik will be having this special feature every end of the month, featuring absolutely everything related to a certain selected colour and this month's "Life in Monochrome" happens to be Purple!!

*you may tag the cover of our May 09's issue on your blog!

We would like to Thank everybody who have participated in this new monthly segment. Featured articles were carefully selected based on Photography Quality, Exclusivity and Uniqueness.

These are the lovely Purple goodies we would love to share with everybody this May 2009!! Enjoy!!

Live your life in Purple!!

Alice Wonders, already a reputable name among blogshops which sells the trendiest and highest quality bags. Making a statement in bright purple, Purple Haze is a 3 in 1 sling, shoulder and clutch bag at RM95.

psst : They even offered our readers a special discount coupon. The code is rabbit88 and Hurry as this offer is only valid till 1st July 09

Shopping with a dash of love, a tinkle of passion and sprinkles of fun! is their tagline. Clothes For Fun's Suburban in Bold purple at RM42 is fun in every way you wear it. Be it off shoulder, on shoulder, or made to droop like how it is modeled. Fun and Comfy, totally their style!!

Something to accessorize your basic outfit. Gardrobe is selling this Purple Checkered Scarf for only RM18! Scarfs are every girl's need to spice up an outfit. A plain one works fine but we find that this checkered one will add a touch of class to any outfit!

Saving you some room for more, Itsy Beadsy presented us with a very unique ring which we totally love. A lovely touch of sweetness, Amethyst Sakura Ring is selling at RM29, which is made of clay with details of a sakura flower.

A little different from our usual Mod and Bold patterns, Lovely Lolittas brings you this sleek and elegant Toga Goddess for only RM80. This is a rather exclusive dress with mystique like prints and designed to fit all sizes , perfect for dinner and wedding ceremony.

If you got it, flaunt it! With Bikinis from Mischief Inc, you can now enjoy the sun, sand and sea the way it was meant to be. They've never failed to impress us every time there's an update and this featured piece is no exception. Basic Bikini Haute for only RM45 a set. A colour which spells our feminity.

No Plain Days, known for their candid and fun pictures, also carries a wide variety of fashionable clothings. They are set to make a statement in purple with this Pleated Mini Skirt in Purple for only RM28.

Freshly squeezed from Orange Little are a unique and irresistably simple pair of gladiator flats. Walk in a pair of Olivia's, all yours at only RM45.

Coincidentally having this month's monochrome colour in their shop name are Purple Peppermint! Here's a small tongue twister (say it fast!), "Our Purple Peppermint Pick is the Purple Double Ruffle Precisely Priced at RM55" It's something we would happily wear (like their every-smiley model!) while skipping down town!

Put on some make up, grab an evening clutch and you are ready to head out for the date you've been waiting for in Smashing Pit Stop's Purple Tulip dress for only RM55! We love how this dress puffs up at the bottom and with the waist sash that adds a touch of glamour to it.

The famous bandeau tubes are still a hit with the online comunity. Their evergreen reputation is further proved as they are still featured in Forever 21! Soul Chic has one in purple at RM48 just for you!

The Kooky Thing
, although famously known for their fine shoes, have brought in a stylish belt this time round and it is in Purple! Match a purple belt with either a Black, White or a Grey top and voila, watch em shine! Who says purple is hard to match? Get your Clement Clinch for only RM25!

Last but definitely not least are Vivacecabin's breathtaking Zipper Gladiator Heel! With its pointy heels and zipper at the front, we simply love it's provocative look, which adds a hint of exclusivity about them. And at only RM65, it's a small price to pay to stand out from the crowd!!

psst : they are also giving Fashion Republik's readers RM5 off for every purchase!

Want to be part of next month's "Life in Monochrome" issue? Email us and we will include you in our mailing list!!


  1. hey. thanks for the feature!! :D

    It was really fun working together on this project!! Till our next issue, Take Care!


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