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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life in Monochrome : Orange

It seems like only yesterday that we cooked up the idea of Life In Monochrome, and here we are presenting you with a 2nd round of fresh picks for your viewing pleasure! And speaking of fresh, the sound of a fresh orange juice sounds very tempting now for some reason, and speaking of oranges... Guess what! The colour ORANGE is our colour of the month this June 2009!

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A big THANK YOU to all who participated in this month's segment! As fabulous as all the entries were, and as challenging as the selection process was, we had to narrow it down to these selected few!


Live your life in Orange!!

A Lil of Everything is an online boutique that introduced itself not long ago and offers not only clothing, but a variety of other cool stuff like contact lenses, fragrances, cosmetics, lingerie and much more. They've made it to this months edition of Life In Monochrome with a bohemian top that we found really appealing in a hippie sort of way and it's also very affordable at only RM15 a piece! (That's an absolute bargain!)

Our 2nd entry of the month is a little something called Beanipet who made it here thanks to their absolutely unique, cheek-squeezingly adorable selection of handmade pillows. One of our favourite pillow characters is Mojo who so happens to be made in Orange! Making him an ideal candidate to be featured in this months Life In Monochrome segment. The picture below is of Mojo Angry who can be yours at RM160. Considering that Beanipets' pillows are skilfully handmade and are therefore very exclusive items, you can be sure that the price tag is definitely justified!

The home of Fab'louz Boutique, which are our next contributor, is situated near Burger King in SS15, Subang Jaya. They carry a wide variety of stylish selections that cater to the younger working adults. We absolutely love this piece they call Slice and Dice because of its body flattering lines created by its V-neck and overlapping layers which provide a nice shaping effect to the bust area. All for a very affordable RM49.90!

The Bangsar based Gossips Boutique have always stayed up to date by frequently featuring irresistable items on their hangers. We totally love this Orange top as seen in the picture below, specifically because of the smock area which flares its lower portion and the addition of a pussy bow to top it off. Simply called the "Ribbon Sleeveless", these are up for sale at RM65.

ilovesnackfood are reasonably new players in the ever expanding blogshop game and bring a host of rather kitsch items to the table. Even their name is unconventionally catchy and fun - We totally "DIG IT!". There's nothing like a nice pair of flatties to compliment an outfit for a casual day out and these flatties from ilovesnackfood, with their awesome mix of colours and lines, are absolute gems. Interestingly named Flatties Strike Back, these could be yours at a cool RM53!

Itsy Beadsy tease their way into this months segment with their very sweet Candy Swirl earring studs. If you ever felt like hypnotizing someone with something, do it with these pair of earrings at RM5 a pair!

"Jiju's Cakes to Share" are serving us CUPCAKES for us to snack on this month. Jiju didn't manage to make it for our previous months segment but here she is, sharing these delicious orange cupcakes with us for only RM35/dozen!

JPBeads stand out from the rest with their complete range of handmade masterpieces. Our pick from their exquisite collection is the Faery Leaves Lariat that features grade AAA+ Agate Gemstone teardrop beads, Swarovski Crystals and silver plated wires... priced at RM60.

Kimono's were a sought after item in the online industry not long ago, and although it now shares the limelight with so many other styles, it still remains a favourite to us and we believe to alot of you shoppers too. Not only do kimonos flatter the body, they're also one of the comfiest pieces of clothing ever. Offering you a striped orange kimono which actually reminds us of a cup of cappucino, Kimono Boutique presents you their Dynasty Kimono at only RM40.

Kookify your wardrobe with the Kooky Eighties orange blocked dress, Candy Stripes at RM35. Adorably sweet, this dress is definitely an ideal piece for a casual day out. Pick a cropped jacket and you might find yourself looking good enough for the office as well!

We stumbled upon Mieu Boutique at Desa Sri Hartamas. They are a new member of the local fashion scene and we would like to extend our very own welcome by having them in this month's segment with this dress we saw while looking through their collections online: A simple orange and white tie-dyed piece that would be well suited for a stroll along the beach.

More More Clothes presents a Sexy top with crochet details at the front for ONLY RM36! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this at such an affordable price and because this is the last piece on their site, you better hurry if you want to get your hands on it!

What an unusual pattern for a halter dress. Because of its contrasting change in pattern, you could be forgiven to think that it's a 2 piece, but it's not! The very extrovert design seen here comes together pretty well and forms a really beautiful halter dress. Brought to you by PrettyEverAfter at only RM48 and cutely titled Berry Stripey.

Smashing Pit Stop wraps up our segment for the month with their hot vintage sunglasses. Extremely sexy for a bright sunny day, and to just accessorize an outfit with! Get your piece of Mars for RM28.

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