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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have a Little Fun while Running Your Own Business


Online Boutiques are popping into the scene faster than ever! We've got so many new ones that online shoppers now have such a wide variety of fashionable wear to choose from and we take that as a good sign that Malaysia has (finally!!) evolved and is playing a big part in the online scene around the world.

In case you didn't know, online boutiques in Malaysia were first introduced back at 2006. Few of the oldest online boutiques we have now is Shopaholics Unite and Clothes Bucket of which we can recall. Like any other businesses, it is really hard to maintain an online business if there's no ample time and to keep this business running, it is not as easy as popping a peanut. Therefore, many of those who have decided to open one now, will have a much slimmer chance of making it big compared to starting one 4 years ago as there were less competitors around compared to now.

What you didn't know about managing an online boutique? It's not just picking out clothes from a supplier and start cam whoring in front of the camera that will bring you further into this scene. It is about the love, the passion, the fun, the whole process of maintaining a smooth and efficient way where at the end of the day everything is felt worthwhile when you know that your customers are happy with their purchase and service they got from you.

There are online boutique owners who mainly started the business just to make a few bucks. Yes there are but sadly, majority of them who only care about money in this business will not go as far as the ones who do it for a whole lot reason because this is a heart and soul business.

Here is a great list of things to know of how to handle an online business of your own. Not only for online boutiques, but for other businesses as well.

1) The most important thing is that you believe in what you are doing. Have a vision to where you would like to take your business to and make that happen. This will definitely keep you on track to where your business will be and also to motivate you further in life.

2) Make sure you like what you are doing as well. Always remember that in a job or your own business, to like what you are doing is to feel less stressful, less like work and more like play. The more you do it the happier you'd get because doing what you like or love will only push you further and to see that at the end of the day that's what you've achieved so far and that will give you the self satisfaction you need to look forward to another day in life.

3) Be fair. The saying "customer is always right" will never bring your business far down the road. All you need to do is be fair to them, understand where they are at and decide from there. If you allow the customers to bully you into giving discounts or free stuff, always remember that this is a business you are running, there are terms and conditions and there are also a standard that will maintain the image of the business and of you, the owner as well. So be fair and if the customer is just too much, you decide if you want to deal with this or find it not worth your time at all.

4) Be professional. Never ever back out from a mistake or something you dont want to deal with. Always solve an issue and never leave it hanging. Reputation will be jeopardize and therefore, causing you your business.

These are the 4 main advice that were given based on our experience in life. They might not be your way on how to handle a business but this is what we believe in and what we would like to share. With that, we wish all of you the best of luck!

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