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Friday, March 12, 2010

Work & Play by Willoway

We totally love the name they picked for themselves. Willoway introduced themselves just a few days ago and we checked out what they had to offer to all the girls in Malaysia.

We noticed that there's a mix of both vintage and trendy outfits and being new in this line, they certainly hit the right sense of stlye in the fashion scene and we couldn't contain our excitement to share with you what we found, like a few little girls finding a few pieces of treasure by the shore.


This is a rather unique piece of chiffon top to wear. Stylish if it were to match with a high waisted skirt of pants, totally suitable for work and extremely comfortable looking as it looks real breezy! Definitely our pick for work!


Magnificient! We love how this dress portrays quirky and fun while keeping you stylish and trendy. Always the best to wear on a Bad Body Day. When you feel like crap in the morning where parts of your body doesnt seem the way they were the day before, it is always good to have this in your wardrobe so to hide all the uneccesary bulge from being bloated in the morning or during.. you know.. that time of the month.


By far our favourite piece from Willoway. We love how it flares out on the shoulders. That little ribbon is just one of the most gorgeous detail on the dress and boy, we've always loved the colour combinaton of pink and grey and not to mention that this dress has got the cut to show off those lovely curves of the body. So fun to wear this on a date! Bet he will love it too!

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